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🎉 RiiRoo™ Ride-Ons: Personalise, Upgrade & FREE UK Delivery! 🎉
kids bluetooth adapter for ride on car

Accessories and Upgrades that Enhance the Experiences with a Mercedes Kids Ride on Car

For young parents or guardians looking to purchase a Mercedes Kids Ride-On Car for their kids, it can be an exciting but daunting experience.

Picking the right car and ensuring that you have all the necessary components is essential.

To make sure your children get the most out of their ride-on car experience, there is a range of accessories available to enhance the fun factor.

From additional media player adapters to dust covers, these accessories will ensure they get maximum enjoyment from their ride-on car and show off in style.

You can also find safety enhancements like remote control parental override if you want to make sure your child stays safe while having a great time.

Let's take a look at some of the accessories that can help to enhance your child's ride-on car experience:

Parental Remote Control Unit

As young parents or guardians, it is essential to equip your kids with the best possible ride-on car. When researching for a car for your children, consider upgrading to a parental remote control unit.

These units will allow you to take over from your children if there is an emergency situation such as a collision or they lose control of the car.

This extra safety measure provides peace of mind that all potential problems are covered. It's also great for those times when you want to ensure your child stays where they should be, especially if they are playing in an open space away from home.

The parental override unit gives you complete control and allows you to have confidence knowing that you can keep an eye on them no matter where they go in their brand-new Merc.

Personalised Number Plate

Add a unique touch to your Mercedes Kids Ride-On Car with personalised number plates. When you purchase one of these cars, you can make it truly special by choosing to have two sticker number plates customised with your child's first name or nickname.

With the ability to also choose from different country flags, these plates will add a little bit of international flair to your car!

This is an excellent investment for young parents - not only are there no extra costs involved, but the personalised number plate enhances the look of the car and adds to their driving experience.

Professional Assembly

When it comes to purchasing a Mercedes Kids Ride On Car for your kids, there are certain assurances you want to make sure the product comes with.

One of these is a professional assembly service that will ensure the item is built, safety tested, and placed on a pallet for delivery.

Professional assembly services will also provide peace of mind that all components are correctly fitted and in working order, as well as provide instructions on how to use the vehicle safely.

Investing in professional assembly services eliminates the frustration of struggling to build complex items, whilst also providing assurance that everything is being done securely and rapidly.

You can rest assured your child will be secure when they take their first spin on their new ride-on car with professionals at the helm.

Save time and stress by leaving it up to experts!

RiiRoo Fully Comprehensive Warranty

When you purchase a Mercedes Kids Ride On Car from RiiRoo, you can rest assured knowing that you can purchase a fully comprehensive warranty. If you do purchase, all parts of the car, including its battery, are protected for peace of mind.

Should any issues arise, simply contact RiiRoo via call or email in order to make a claim. With this warranty, parents and guardians can be confident that their children will be able to drive safely, securely, and with maximum enjoyment.

Upgraded Accessories


When researching for a Mercedes Kids Ride-On Car, consider upgrading to a soft leather-style seat.

These seats are not real leather but have the same luxurious feel and design as the real thing, making them much more comfortable than the plastic seats that come with the car.

The faux leather material is softer, meaning it won’t be abrasive against your child’s skin and can provide an enjoyable driving experience.

The upgraded material will also help keep your child cool during long rides since it allows air to flow better than plastic seats.

With its plush design and superior comfort, this upgrade will ensure your children have the most enjoyable ride possible in their new Mercedes.


When searching for the ideal ride-on car for your little ones, you should consider investing in Soft EVA tyres.

These are made of high-quality synthetic rubber which is softer than traditional rubber, thus providing a much more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience!

Soft EVA tyres provide a smoother ride and enhanced stability on any terrain, allowing your child to enjoy the drive in extraordinary comfort.

Not only do these high-grade tyres offer superior performance but they also look amazing!

Upgrading the existing tires with soft EVA material adds an aesthetic appeal for your kids to feel like they are driving something unique and special.

With this upgrade not only will you improve their riding experience, but it'll make their car stand out from the rest!

Celebration Bow

Presenting the perfect gift with a birthday bow is a great way to set your child’s Mercedes Kids Ride On Car apart from the rest and make it extra special.

Adding a festive, colourful bow to the car creates an eye-catching look that is sure to be a hit with everyone at the birthday party.

Not only does the bow look great, but it also makes presenting your kid’s car an exciting experience as they get to open up their present like never before.

With its fun and unique design, adding a Birthday Bow to your child’s new Mercedes Kids Ride On Car will be sure to put them in the driving seat of some amazing memories that will last for years to come!

Media Accessories

USB Stick

Buying a USB stick gives you the ability to play their favourite songs through the car’s speakers, making their driving experience even more fun.

Because it's small and pocket-sized swapping out songs won’t require bulky devices and storage space in the car.

As a result, your kids won't get tired of hearing the same tunes over and over again and can switch it up based on their mood or preference.

With a simple USB stick loaded with music, you can liven up your child's ride with the added bonus of creating precious memories that will be sure to last for years to come!

Bluetooth Adapter

Buying your child a Blue2Music™ Bluetooth Adapter is an easy and quick way to turn their ride into a media powerhouse.

With this adapter, your little ones can listen to their favourite songs wirelessly and without the need for cables or USB sticks.

Besides its convenience, Bluetooth technology is generally safe and non-ionizing for humans, meaning it won’t affect their health in any way.

So give your children the ultimate driving experience with a Mercedes Kids Ride-On Car equipped with a Bluetooth Adapter!

Kids Ride-on Driving License

With a Kids Ride-on Driving License, your little ones can take their pretend play to the next level.

This fun, extra add-on allows them to experience the true spirit of driving by having their own personalised license.

Not only is it a great conversation starter with friends and family, but it gives children the opportunity to really get into character while they’re playing along in their Mercedes Kids Ride On Car.

Having their very own driver’s license makes every road trip exciting and memorable!

General Spare Parts

When you purchase a Mercedes Kids Ride On for your children, you're also investing in peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, general spare parts are only a few clicks away.

Replacement batteries, motherboards, and remote control units are easily accessible and many come with free delivery.

That way, you can ensure that your child will enjoy their ride without worrying about any unexpected repairs or expensive replacements.

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