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What Kids Ride On Cars are the Fastest in 2023?

What Kids Ride On Cars are the Fastest in 2023?

Kids ride on cars come in many different voltages from 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, and even 48V. Most kid's ride-on cars are very safe and the companies generally over-engineer their products to ensure safety.

What are the Fastest Kids Ride On Cars?

Most kids who are not ready for driving, which is around 5 years old, could start off with 6V ride-on cars because at this voltage it can still go pretty fast yet safe enough for the younger age group. However, if your kid is old enough you could buy them a more powerful battery-powered ride-on car to get speeds of up to 10 kph.

Here are a few that we offer:

RiiRoo Super Sport XL

We thought we would keep the two-seater version on hand since our one-seater model of this vehicle was so popular.

Take a look at our latest RiiRoo Super Sport XL 24V 2 Seater Ride On Car, available in cherry red, hot pink, or painted grey.

This is our fastest kids-ride-on car that goes between 5 - 15kph depending on the weight of your kid and the surface the car is driven on.

Please note, that pictures are for illustration purposes only and shades may vary.

RiiRoo MaxDriftz™ Electric Go Kart

If you're searching for something a little unusual, the RiiRoo MaxDriftzTM 2 x 12V Electric Drift/Go Kart is definitely worth considering. Not only does this appear to be the coolest ride we have (a little biased), but we are certain that your children will enjoy zipping around on it.

RiiRoo MaxDriftz™ 750

If you're searching for something different from the rest, then RiiRoo's newest RiiRoo MaxDriftzTM 750 24v Battery Electric Drift Go Kart is definitely worth your time. We'll be honest with you. After our best-selling MaxDriftzTM 2 x 12V Electric Drift/Go Kart debuted to rave reviews, we've all had a go on this thing and we love it!

It's the fact that it's super fast and you can drift in it too.

McLaren 24V Drift Kart

It appears that the go-kart industry is in a state of flux, with drifting go-karts emerging as another variation on the theme. Drift go-karts are now available, and they're more popular than ever before.

We considered it reasonable to offer one of the UK's most renowned brand names when it comes to the performance card design and supercar engine performance due to the popularity and raving reviews of our RiiRoo MaxDriftz™ Electric Go Kart.

The legendary McLaren is known for its race cars that have won the world championship, and the company has now introduced its latest Drift Kart. The UK's first-ever official 24V McLaren drift kart is the drift-go-kart.

Many genuine McLaren design features are included in this one-of-a-kind electric-powered Drift Kart, giving it a supercar feel not just to its appearance but also to its performance.

24V CyberQuadee Electric Quad Bike

Check out the CyberQuadee 24V Battery Electric Quad 2021 for kids to land on our shelves.

This quad not only has the most up-to-date 4-wheel suspension upgrade, but it also includes an electronic clutch system that allows your child to switch through the various speed options with ease!

They'll love it!

It's just wrong for a small machine like the CyberQuadee 24V to have so much fun built-in, but we were able to pull it off. So don't hesitate if your child is seeking for an upgrade from a smaller quad or motorbike.

Don't forget, this is a 24V version, so packs more power and speed than the ordinary 12-volt quads on offer.

UTV MX MaxPow™ Ranger 3

The 24V UTV MX MaxPowTM Ranger 3 provides all the power, fun, and flair your youngster needs to do the task.

It's tough and durable, so it won't skip a beat as kids explore challenging terrain on farms or in parks with two seats that hug them close at every turn and a safety harness for you to have total peace of mind.

The Maxpow is capable of handling any obstacle that life may throw at it, big or tiny. You may take the Maxpow off-road to go places no one else has gone before in this high-tech UTV.

You can be certain that even the most severe of conditions won't stop this cutting-edge UTV from advancing forward.

The all-purpose machine was designed with your child's convenience in mind and includes almost everything, including a driver's dashboard for easy management of the entertainment settings, as well as comfortable seats for up to two passengers.

It also comes with upgraded 2 x 200W motors, which make it significantly quicker and more agile than previous versions we've previously had in stock.

Will They Be Safe at This Speed?

Yes, 99% of the ride-on cars that we sell at RiiRoo come equipped with either a safety seat belt or seat harness. This will ensure the safety of your child when they ride.

What Makes Them Go Faster?

The wattage of the battery, the power of the motor, and also how many motors the car has at each wheel determine how fast your child can go.

What Age Range Can Ride These Cars?

These cars are for kids up to 9 years of age. It all depends on the weight of your kid and the type of frame.

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