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Customers Unboxing A New RIIROO Off-Road Hoverboard

Customers Unboxing A New RIIROO Off-Road Hoverboard

Here's an unboxing video from some very talented young ladies Daisy & Lily.

In this video, the ladies are having fun with one of our discontinued hoverboards.

The hoverboards were one of our hottest toys for 2018 and they were the types of product that brought joy to the whole family.

They were super easy to get the hang of. All you needed was a maximum 20mins to get your orientation and you were on your way.

We have noticed that ride on cars, kids electric motorbikes and the various children's scooters that RiiRoo sell are not only sporty products but are also fun to play with as a family.

The whole mission behind RiiRoo is to bring families together, give kids an alternative to the various mobile devices and encourage outside play.

Don’t forget, if you want to join the #RiiRooSquad, have purchased from us in the past and have some pics to share of your experience, we’d love to hear from you. Each month we choose one of our favourites and reward them with a special prize for taking part :)

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