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RiiRoo's Top 5 Emergency Vehicle Ride Ons For Christmas

RiiRoo's Top 5 Emergency Vehicle Ride Ons For Christmas

If you're looking for that perfect present for your child, look no further than one of the emergency vehicle ride-on toys.

These unique gifts offer hours and hours of fun for children, while at the same time giving them a valuable lesson in empathy and responsibility.

Fortunately, there are several different emergency vehicles available, so you can choose the best gift to suit your budget and your child's needs:

Why Are Kid's Emergency Vehicles So Special

Your kids are able to use their imagination with these toys, which is very important in their growth.

They are able to interact with other children while playing with the toy, giving them a chance to develop social skills.

If you purchase a kids' ride on police car, your child will be able to act out scenes from police movies and television shows.

For example, children can pretend they are chasing down robbers or stopping speeders on the highway.

Giving your child this type of toy is also a way for them to learn to follow rules, as well as how to interact with other people in certain situations.

If you purchase a kid's ride-on fire engine, your little one can have fun pretending they are putting out a fire or rescuing people.

Studies show that children who play with this type of toy will be more willing to help someone in danger, as well as more prone to listen to directions from authority figures.

For example, if you tell your child not to touch something hot because it's dangerous, chances are that they'll listen instead of continuing on and getting hurt.

Finally, kids' ride on emergency vehicles can teach responsibility.

Your child will learn the importance of taking care of their toys by putting them away when they're finished playing with them or cleaning up after rough play sessions. This makes for a happier household overall!

Kid's RiiRoo 12V Fire Engine

If your kid has been looking for the ultimate adventure, then this ride on is the perfect gift.

The professional-grade Kid's RiiRoo 12V Fire Engine Electric Ride On Car toy gives kids a chance to get an up-close and personal look at what it means to be a firefighter.

Children get to roar through the neighborhood in style while looking like real firefighters themselves!

The Fire Engine with Accessories from our 12V Children's Ride On Fire Engine is an excellent present for your youngster.

We didn't know how well this would sell because it was one of the first fire engines in our ride-on range.

However, we were unable to keep up with demand in the first few weeks.

Here’s a quote from a happy customer - Michelle S.

“My son loves his fire engine brilliant battery operated plays music fire sounds and all so has 2 different speed very good quality would definitely recommend lots of people have commented on fire engine when I've brought it outside its amazing”

Kid's 2020 Mercedes SL500 - Licensed Police Edition

A Kids Mercedes Electric Ride-on in Police livery is a rare sight (unless you live in Germany, that is).

This is the full police kit version of the SL500. As you'd expect, it includes a strong 12V battery and all of the bells and whistles that come with a RiiRoo Ride On.

It includes flashing siren lights, operational headlights, operating siren sounds, opening doors, and rear suspension.

RiiRoo Fire Engine Truck

Is your kid is prepared for the most intense firefighting mission of the year?

They may now be and pretend to be a firefighter at the same time in our RiiRoo 6V Battery Electric Ride On Fire Engine Truck.

The adventure begins as soon as the all-important emergency call is made, enabling your kid to participate in the right away.

Our 6V Children’s Ride On Fire Engine is the perfect present to give your kid.

Fire Engine & Rescue Truck

Our latest RiiRoo 6V Ride On Fire Engine & Rescue Truck will get your child's pulse racing if he or she is the adventurous type and aspires to be a firefighter one day.

It contains realistic-sounding start-up noises, functioning red and blue siren lights, and siren sounds that are guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

With a cool siren and functional siren lights, the adventure begins as soon as that emergency call is made, allowing your little one to spring into action.

Our 6V Children’s Ride On Fire Engine is the perfect present to give your kid.

RiiRoo Police Pursuit

Check out our latest ride-on car, which will blow your child's mind away. The RiiRoo 12V Police Pursuit Ride on Car with functioning headlights and music media center is the newest addition to the RiiRoo family.

Sales on this police vehicle were slow when we first debuted it. However, in the past few months, the purchase of this police car has exploded.

It's possible that there aren't many fantastic ride-on police vehicles available because to the fact that there aren't many good ones on the market right now.

Make the gift extra special

Want to make the gift extra special? We offer a personalised number plate with every single ride on we sell. On top of that you can also purchase an additional presentation gift bow, kid's driving licence set, rain/dust cover and helmets.

That’s not all! We can fully build your kids’ new bike or quad bike for you since we have an in-house assembly service, so it’s ready to ride. This will be delivered straight to your home for an additional charge.

Note: After you have chosen to personalise your number plate and clicked "Add To Cart" you will have the option to buy these extras.

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