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🎉 RiiRoo™ Ride-Ons: Personalise, Upgrade & FREE UK Delivery! 🎉
Top 6v, 12v & 24v Battery Electric Ride-On Construction Vehicle Toys For Kids Sold By RiiRoo

Top 6v, 12v & 24v Battery Electric Ride-On Construction Vehicle Toys For Kids Sold By RiiRoo

Here are the top construction vehicle toys we sell here at RiiRoo.

Here are our top-selling construction vehicle ride-on toys that we sell here at RiiRoo.

Tonka Mighty Dump Truck

At number eight we have the brand new two-seater Tonka Mighty Dump Truck 12-volt battery
electric powered ride on.

If you have belongings lying around the house then be prepared for them to be picked up and dumped by your kids.

With this beast of a truck with a working dump bed. With space for a friend to come along for the ride, since it's a two-seater.

JDX 2S™ 12V Tractor

At number seven check out the JDX 2s 12 volt tractor. Now, just like the real tractor, the John Deere style tractor 12-volt battery-electric ride-on is a game-changer for children to imagine themselves on their very own farm and having fun playing outside, but please note the trailer does not come as part of the tractor.

Tractor 2020

At number six check out the Traktor 2020. Our RiiRoo Tractor 2020, 12-volt battery
electric ride-on is for those who want to dream of bringing in the harvest for them.

RiiRoo Gatlo™ Gator Truck

Next, we have our RiiRoo Gatlo Gator Truck. Now there is a shortage of Gator ride-on trucks in the market and whenever we come across one we are beyond ecstatic.

This is a 6x6 Gator Truck with four powerful 45-watt motors to boot. And with its two x 12-volt batteries. They will get a lot of before you have to worry about charging.

RiiRoo SV1 Electric Tractor

And, at number four check out the RiiRoo SV1 Electric Tractor. Electric tractors are all the rage
nowadays and the RiiRoo SV1 electric ride-on tractor is sure to excite. The massive rear wheels make this a perfect product for the garden and to get them involved in some garden work.

RiiRoo XS1 Tractor Ground Loader

At number three the RiiRoo XS1 Ground Loader is the perfect ride-on for those little construction workers looking to get busy. The working bucket is easy to use and is sure to make them spend hours on end in the garden.

RiiRoo 6V Ride On Construction Truck Digger

Next, we have the RiiRoo 6 volt ride on Construction Truck Digger.

Now if you've got a big job that needs a rough and tumble digger, then look no further than our battery-operated RiiRoo 6-volt construction truck digger.

Suitable for kids aged between 3 and 5 years of age. Our newest ride on is hitting the website
in 2020 and is bound to be a proven winner among parents and grandparents alike.

RiiRoo Dig360™ Digger

And, coming in the top spot we have the RiiRoo Dig 360 Digger.

There's no job too big or small when you have the right equipment. That's where the RiiRoo 12 volt digger comes in.

Cars are great, they go backward and forwards and make really cool sounds, but, do they have a 360-degree turning circle because if they don't then the RiiRoo 360 digger is for you.


If you would like to buy one of these great products then go to our website at where we offer free next-day delivery as long as you live on the UK mainland and place your order before 1pm.

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