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What Are Ride Ons?

So what are ride ons and why should you consider purchasing one?

Ride ons are fast becoming the go to toys as presents for your kids.

Let’s face it, they are far more attractive, fun and exciting than buying them a board game for example?

They come in all shapes and sizes and vary in power. You have the choice of choosing between motorbikes, cars, scooter, trikes, go karts, buggies and quads. So, plenty of choice. 

This is great because it provides a bit more variety and choice and also a range of prices to suit all budgets.

From the cheapest electric push alongs right up to 150cc quad bikes.

What we love about ride ons is the fact that you can get them outside in the fresh air away from those screens that seem to have infiltrated our lives at the moment. 

We’ve always said that kids really don’t get out enough.

Buying a ride on is the perfect excuse to get them out of the house.


Electric ride ons are the most popular ride on we sell here at RiiRoo. This is because the age range of the toys is so vast. 

They also use electricity to power them that’s available to every single household in the land. 

You literally charge and go. Powered by electric motors, the electric ride ons are generally cheaper to purchase.

The maintenance and upkeep of an electric ride on is a lot less than a petrol one.


* Perceived to be safer.

* Quieter - depending on your neighbourhood, this might be an important factor.

* Economical - It’s a lot cheaper to run.

* Better for the environment - There are no emissions from using these electric toys.

* Cheaper to purchase.

* Less parts to replace.


* Not as powerful.

* Runtime is less.


Petrol ride-ons are traditionally designed and manufactured for older kids. That’s because they tend to be larger and more powerful than their electric counterparts.

Since they are petrol powered, this means they are engine driven (internal combustion engine) and require fuel to power them. But, instead of plugging into the mains in your home, you will be required to purchase fuel from the petrol station.

Unlike their electric cousins, there’s a bit more maintenance involved with a petrol engine toy. For example, putting the right fuel/oil mix, applying oil to any external moving parts.


* More powerful toy - can go much faster which arguably means more enjoyment.

* The runtime is a lot longer than an electric ride on.

* generally tend to be more hard wearing and robust.


* Not as safe as electric.

* Louder - Since it’s an internal combustion engine, it is a lot louder than an electric motor.

* More expensive to run.

* Not great for the environment - as the exhaust emits fumes that are harmful to the environment.

* More expensive to purchase.

* More parts to replace.

Which One Should You Buy?

This all depends on a few factors which we will go through now.


If you have kids below a certain age, then you really won’t have any other choice than purchasing an electric ride on toy. That’s because electric ride on toys start from toddlers right up to teenagers depending on which toy you go for.

However, if you have kids over a certain age, then the only option is the petrol range of ride ons.


As I mentioned previously, the price of electric ride ons is a lot cheaper on average than petrol ones. That’s not to say that you can’t get expensive ride ons. In fact, our electric ride ons go well above £700. But, the average electric is a lot cheaper. 

So, if price is a major factor and your kid is young enough, then the electric ride on is probably the best choice for you.

Power & Speed and Performance

If you’re looking for both power and speed, there are some electric ride-ons that are pretty fast. However, nowhere near as fast and as powerful as a petrol powered ride ons. Some of our petrol ride ons reach speeds in excess of 33mph which is pretty impressive.

Build Quality

Since the petrol powered ride-ons are reaching higher speeds and generally going across more off-road terrain, they need to be built tough and durable. This means they are likely to be built from high quality steel and more robust plastic from the electric ride ons. 

That’s not to say that electric ride-ons are badly built. Just that the petrol ones have to be built more robust.


The average weight of electric ride ons is a lot less than petrol ride ons. So, if you’re looking for something light and easy to handle for your little one, an electric ride on is probably your best choice.

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