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young mother with her little boy at the supermarket

One Tesco Store Shut It's Store - Here's How to Shop Responsibly During the Coronavirus Pandemic

young mother with her little boy at the supermarket

First off, we hope everyone enjoyed yesterday “Mother’s Day?” 

At a time like this we all want to be we loved ones (where that is possible) and it makes us remember just important family is during these troubling times.

Crazy story yesterday at the tills of a Tesco store. It was forced to close its doors due to dozens of panic buyers that were ignoring the “NHS Hour.”

If you don’t know what “NHS Hour” is, it is basically a select number of stores that open Monday to Saturday from 7-8am so any person or people that work for the NHS can shop between those hours before the general public.

So What Happened?

A Tesco store in Milton, Cambridge was forced to close because shoppers ignored the NHS Hour and started to purchase all of the multi deals and fresh produce etc.

So How to Shop Responsibly During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

  1. Believe it or not, there is more than enough to go around if everyone purchased what they needed instead of stockpiling. In essence, the general idea is, you don't need something for two weeks, then why not leave it for someone that does?  

If you stockpile and buy things that you don't need this week, you help create unnecessary gaps between people that actually need it and the time it takes for the retailer to restock their shelves.

This might seem like a really simple concept and I suppose as humans if we all did the same thing, life would be easier. Unfortunately, we aren't all the same which in turn puts a lot of pressure on retailers struggling to meet demand.  

If we all followed the rules it would also mean that supermarkets wouldn't need to impose specific limits on certain items. 

  1. If the items you need are everyday items and are not fresh food like vegetables and. Why not try going to the shop later in the day? Of course, this isn’t ideal, but you are much more likely to find processed food on the shelves than fresh fruit and veg at 6 pm in the night.
  1. Depending on where you live. Have you tried your local farmer’s market? Do you want to know why this might be a better option?

young girl in the farmer's market

Photo by Zoe Deal

* The food is generally of better quality than what is often found in our supermarkets and it is likely to be organic. This means they haven’t been genetically modified and it gives you the chance to “Buy British.” 😁

* Most of the time, Farmer’s don’t use modified seeds. Again, this means the product sold is organic.

* Small local farmers produce less carbon waste than the large commercial farms that supply the supermarkets. 

* There’s generally less packaging with local foodstuff than the supermarket. This means you can also reduce your carbon waste too.

CLICK HERE - To find your nearest Farmer's Market.

  1. In the same vane as using your local Farmer’s Market, you can also support the small corner shops and stores near your home too. Granted, they are more expensive than the supermarket, but if there are not on the shelves there, you might just find it locally.

It is also another way to help the local community and those small businesses that are likely to suffer in the coming weeks and months.

We are likely going into a full-on lockdown and these local corner shops and general stores are likely going to see a huge drop off in business. 

The small bits and bobs you buy from them will make all of the difference. Especially, if the whole community can come together and support each other during this time of need.

  1. Where possible, instead of going to the supermarket, why not shop online and save yourself the stress and hassle? To be perfectly honest,  we think that as the dust settles More and more people are likely to shop online (especially those that are quite new to the concept). 
  1. This is probably a good time I'm to have a look in those cupboards and see if there is anything in there yeah that can be consumed before you rush out and buy more.  Of course, we all have our favourites. But, I think during this time I'm of total chaos, it might be a good idea to think of others such as those NHS staff, and the old and most vulnerable in our society.
  1. Whenever you watch those programmes on TV of people trying to become self-sustaining. You always snigger, don’t you? Yeah, me too. I don’t think any of us ever take those things seriously. However, it seems like those very same people are going to have the last laugh.

Saying that, it’s never too late:

* We can use programmable thermostats which will automatically lower or raise the temperature if we are not at home.

* Hang clothes to dry instead of using the tumble dryer (thankfully the weather is getting better).

* Install energy-efficient appliances.

* Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).

* Try growing your own food by planting seeds. Now, we’re talking full-on veggie fields here. More, a small patch in the corner of your garden to start off with. No need to go too crazy.

If you don’t have an outside garden, then a container on your porch or windowsill will do.

You get the idea?

In Conclusion

Everyone’s position is different and their circumstances don’t often lend themselves to some of the points that have been made in this article and that’s OK.

I suppose the main point of this article is to underline the fact that there is more than enough to go round. There really is no need to hoard or bulk buy things. In fact, if you go into supermarkets today, you’ll likely see the shelves are starting to fill up again.

There’s only so much people can buy :)

As I discussed earlier, items like toiletries and personal items may be sold out in the supermarket, but you might have a really good chance of picking them up at your local store (albeit, more expensive).

Lastly. Stay safe and we appreciate you taking the time to read this. The article from last week - Coronavirus - Here's What We Know & Things That Could Help has proven to be very popular. Feel free to take a look if you have the time.

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Brian Whenman - April 15, 2020

Very good friendly easy to read advise

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