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Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 S Ride On Car With Remote Control

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 S 12V Battery Electric Ride On Car With Remote Control

Here we have one of our most popular ride-on cars chosen by our customers at RiiRoo. This has got to be the perfect choice when choosing a top of the range outdoor adventure toy. Today we bring to you one of the most popular cars we sell here at Riiroo. The licensed Mercedes AMG GLE 63S.

The most popular and stylish car is a favorite with both parents and children alike. Not only is the styling and smooth line so close to the real thing, but you'll be surprised at the sheer attention to detail that has gone into producing this classic.

It's suitable for children aged between three and five years old, but I must stress this can vary from child to child. As we take a look around the outside you'll notice both Mercedes badge and also the AMG badge looks exactly like the real thing.

This is a fully licensed version, which means we have the full blessing of Mercedes to use their branding.

Each model comes with working front lights that look amazing in the dark. It has a black see-through translucent windscreen and a full set of realistic style alloy wheels, that also has the Mercedes branding to give it that authentic look.

If we take a look at the tires, you'll see the attention to detail of the tire tread again, even tho this is a toy, the tread on the tire has been designed for your child to really picture themselves in the real thing.

You'll also notice the fantastic attention to detail with the brake calipers too. Most of the cars we sell have doors that open. If you need to open the door, simply use the slide latch.

If you push down on the four corners of the car you will notice that the car has independent suspension.

This detail gives your child a smoother and more comfortable ride. Looking at the back of the car, you can't fail to notice the double exhaust, this really sets it off.

As we take a look inside you'll notice safety seat belts. These seat belts come fitted with every ride-on car sold by Riiroo. So rest assured your child will be completely and totally safe.

It has a one-seat capacity, which means it is designed to seat one child.

The dashboard lights up and it's similar to the front and rear lights, it looks absolutely amazing in the dark. The car has forward and reverse gears, a foot accelerator, and an auto brake on release function.

Now let's talk about the media player. Not only does it have a USB input that allows you to use your own USB stick with mp3 music, but you also have the ability to turn the volume up and down and skip track function too.

Don't worry if you don't have any music, every 63 comes with a selection of tunes pre-installed so your child can bob along while they are driving.

If you purchase on of our Riiroo eight gigabyte sticks they're already pre-formatted for you to download your own tunes.

All Riroo cars come with parental remote control, so you are able to override and take control at any time. We also sell a variety of dust and rain covers.

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 S 12V Battery Electric Ride On Car With Remote Control

The charge time is approximately six to eight hours on a full charge, and a drive time of approximately one hour on a full charge. Just remember this will vary depending on the type of use.

It comes with a one year warranty on the motor and a three-pin charger. If you would like to buy one of these great cars go to our website

Where we offer free one-day delivery if you live in the UK and order before one p.m. Don't forget we offer all our customers the option of purchasing a one-year extended battery warranty.

Ride-On Car Battery Maintenance

One of the most common issues our customers face at RiiRoo is “The Car Won't Turn On” In most cases, the issue is very simple to resolve as we will demonstrate in this video.

Due to laws in the UK, unfortunately, we are not permitted to ship our ride-on toys with the battery terminals connected therefore, when you receive your car you must connect the battery yourself.

In the video above we are going to show you the most common reasons why your Mercedes GLE 63 S may not work.

Assembly & Instructions

At RiiRoo, we do our best to provide as much help and guidance as possible before, during and after you have purchased from us.

For that reason, we decided to produce assembly videos for as many of our ride on cars as possible. That way, there's a helping hand for you when you need it.

How To Pair Your Ride On Car Parental Remote Control

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Our Mercedes GLE 63 S also comes in pink, red, blue, and white.

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