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Here's Some Of Our Latest Products For September 2019

Every month at RiiRoo we decide to bring in a new collection of ride-on toys for our customers. This is a BIG risk for us since we never know if these items will sell or sit in the warehouse collecting dust.

With that in mind, we take a look at what is selling well at the moment and try to make an educated guess on new products to bring in for our customers.

We think we have done you proud this month with a selection of quality, good looking and competitive priced toys.

Mercedes G63 AMG 2019 - Maxi

Now, we have been selling the Mercedes G63 Mini for a few months now. It sold so well, we decided to bring its big brother into the ranks too. As soon as we introduced it, it sold like hotcakes.

It doesn't always happen like this, it's more fluke than expert buying. It's nice when it does :)

Just like the original Kids Mercedes G63 AMG, this kid's electric ride on car is feature-rich with working lights, a fully-featured media console, soft wheels, leather style seat, working doors, working storage compartment, rear suspension and much more.

Kids Electric Ride on Truck - 6V

We were in two minds to bring in this truck. It's something we are not used to selling and this made us nervous. However, at such a competitive price point, fantastic looks and a choice of some cool colours, we're confident this will be a huge seller. Especially for up and coming birthdays.

If you are looking for that special toy that can transport the imagination of your child as they go off on their own little adventure. Then check out the latest RiiRoo Kids Electric 6V Ride On Truck.

Not only is the list of features enough to match our best ride on cars like an integrated music player and USB port. It comes in a range of three stunning colours of red, blue and black.

On a budget? No problem, the RiiRoo Truck is as competitively priced as they come. There really is no better toy you can buy under £100 where your child can have so much fun and excitement. The look of joy as they unpack this on that special day is priceless.

Powering this fantastic ride on Truck is a 6V battery with a meaty 20W motor to go with it.

Bentley Continental Super Sports Ride on Car - 12V 2WD in Painted Pink

Now, the Bentley has been around for a long time and the red and black has been our most popular seller. However, with the new painted Pink version now available, I can see this taking over the throne this month.

The Bentley Continental battery electric ride on car with remote control is a favourite of the worlds elite car lovers. The original 12v is one of our all-time most popular ride on cars, but now the kid's electric ride on Bentley just got a whole lot better.

This brand new model is jam-packed with up to date features making this one of the most hotly anticipated kid's toys of the year. Most noticeably the 12v Kids Bentley GT has been given brand new bodywork and a stunning two-tone Red and Black paint job, that will make this kids car stand out from any other.

This Kids Limited Edition Bentley Continental has so many new features including smooth drive EVA tyres, power indicator meter, leather seats, and an easy one-button push start. The luxury interior continues with everything you would expect from a children's Bentley product including an mp3 player input to play all your favourite songs and an adjustable seatbelt.

Driving has been made easier than ever with a 12v double motor system combined with EVA tyres and rear suspension to smooth out any bumps in the road. Parents can also take over with the 2.4g Bluetooth remote control mode. Take control of direction, accelerating and braking in busy areas or just for fun. Order your custom style Official 12v Bentley Supersports Kids Ride On Car today.

Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe Ride On Car - 12V 2WD

Talk about leaving the best to last....

When the real Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe came out 3 years ago, we have been on the hunt to get a kids version that is fully licensed by Mercedes. This was not an easy task, as many of the models have been subpar, that was until today!

We are happy to introduce the brand new 2019/2020 Kids ride on Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe. This version ticks all the boxes and is sure to get the attention it deserves with its sloped design and incredible attention to detail. 

As you’d expect from the RiiRoo Electric Ride-on range, this Kids GLE Coupe has functioning doors, breathtaking LED lights.

A full entertainment system with USB support and of course, just like all our ride on’s which feature parental remotes, this Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe features 2.4G Parental Remote Technology which is reason enough to purchase this as an adult, just to have a play about in the garden!

If you have been a fan of the real thing for a while, we assure you that you will not be disappointed with this one for the little people in our lives.

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scott - January 16, 2020

Hi i got a car of you last year
Q7 do you sale spare battery for this and if so how much
thanks scott

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