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Kids RiiRoo 12V Battery Electric Ride On Quad ATV 4 Wheeler Racing Motorbike

Kids RiiRoo 12V Battery Electric Ride On Quad ATV 4 Wheeler Racing Motorbike

RiiRoo 12V Battery Electric Ride On Quad

Check out the newest range of RiiRoo 12-Volt Quad ATV Battery Powered Quad Motorbikes. This beast will provide your kid with amazing performance and the ultimate amount of fun guaranteed. Muddy, mucky, off-roading fun is all that matters with this cool two-wheel-drive feature and tyres, and have the grip and tread pattern of the big boys.

They'll be able to conquer the parks and pavements with this super-tough ATV built for the greatest adventures. It's suitable for children aged between two and eight years old, but I must stress this can vary from child to child.

For your child's comfort, it has a rear suspension system. A suspension system makes all the difference when it comes to riding on the grass or off-road, something that cars with a front suspension struggle with.

It has working front and backlights that look absolutely amazing in the dark. Meaty front bumpers that really position it on another level. It has a full set of realistic-style alloy wheels.

As we take a look at the tyres, you will notice the attention to detail of the tyre tread. Even though this is a toy, the tread on the tyres has been designed for your child to really picture themselves driving the real thing. It also has a heavy-duty steering wheel.

This is the perfect choice for your child. It has a two-seat capacity, which means it is designed to seat two children. This model has two-speed sensors.

This is useful if your child isn't confident in their new ride. The switch setting allows you to restrict the power to the motors.

It has forward and reverse gears that can be switched easily from the dashboard. It also has an auto-brake foot pedal accelerator, which gradually stops upon release. It even has real engine sounds. Just start it up and hear it roar.

Now, let's talk about the media player. Not only does it have a USB input that allows you to use your own USB stick with MP3 music, but you also have the ability to turn the volume up and down, and skip-track functions, too.

Don't worry if you don't have any music, every ride on car comes with a selection of tunes pre-installed so your child can bump along whilst they are driving.

If you purchase one of our RiiRoo 8-gigabyte USB sticks, they are already pre-formatted so you can download your own tunes. It comes with a one-year warranty on the motors and a 3-pin charger.

If you would like to buy one of these great bikes, go to our website:, where we offer free one-day delivery if you live in the UK and order before 1:00 p.m. And don't forget, we also give our customers the option to purchase our key-shaped USB sticks and our dust and rain covers.

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Our Kids RiiRoo 12V Battery Electric Ride On Quad also comes in different colours like, white, camouflage, spidr red and carbon fibre.

See our latest reviews to see what other customers have said - Click Here.

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