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Kids dressed in Halloween clothes

21 Exciting Halloween Crafts for Kids

kids around the table at Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be wondering what sort of fun activities you can do with your kids? The answer is, plenty!

In fact, if you check out the many different ideas and videos below, you are bound to be spoilt for choice.

Pick and choose which one your kid seems most interested in and then have a go at a bit of DIY fun for the family :)

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

We couldn’t start off with anything other than a Pumpkin craft could we? The reason kids like using them during Halloween is down to the fact that they are so visual and kids can really make a statement with them. One of the very few toys you can both play and eat :)

1. Pumpkin Mason Jar Craft 

2. My Little Pumpkin Keepsake Craft 

3. Paper Strip Pumpkins

Spider Crafts for Kids

Ok, so you might be considering the Pumpkin crafts, but want to really get their imagination flowing by making some really cool spider crafts. Excellent!

There are so many different craft ideas to choose from:

1. Spider Handprint 

2. Paper Spider Craft 

3. Paper Plate Spiders 

Mummy Crafts for Kids

Now, when we say “Mummy’s” we’re talking the Egyptian kind here. The great thing is, there are a lot of craft ideas to explore with your kids.

1. Neon Mummy Jars 

2. Cardboard Tube Mummies 

3. Yarn Wrapped Mummy Craft 

Witch Crafts for Kids

Just because it is Halloween, doesn’t mean your Witches need to be scary. Did you know that you can also get friendly witches too? Take a look at the great witches craft ideas below to keep your kids busy (especially with the hand print witches cards).

1. Newspaper Witch Craft 

2 Paper Bag Witch 

3. Witch handprint craft 

Bat Crafts for Kids

Now we couldn’t make a list of Halloween crafts without including bats, could we? You’d be surprised just how many different types of material you can use to make Bats for that perfect Halloween party?

1. Hanging Bat Craft 

2. Paper Plate Bat 

3. Pinecone Bats 

  1. Egg Carton Bats

Black Cat Crafts for Kids

You might be wondering what Black Cats have to do with Hallloween? It was mainly because of the old superstition behind black cats and their association with the dark arts and witchcraft.Either way. Making them for Halloween is going to be so much fun and you don’t need to pain them all balck either. Simply paint them whatever colour you like!

1. Paper Bobble Black Cat 

2. Paper Plate Black Cat 

3. Cat Craft with Paper Strips

Ghost Crafts for Kids

Last but not least, we have the scariest crafts of them all. Ghosts. Again, it’s completely up to you whether you want to make them look scary or not?

1. Cotton Ball Ghost Craft 

2. Easy Fabric Ghosts 

3. Handprint Ghosts

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