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The 6 Most Fun Online Games for Kids in 2020

The 6 Most Fun Online Games For Kids In 2022

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There really is no denying that games and more specifically “online games” have evolved and become much larger parts of all of our lives. The fact that there are so many games, consoles, and online websites for your kids to play and interact with is simply mind-blowing.

At the same time, I think all parents should check out just how safe these online games are, and realise that there are still games that need no parental supervision at all.

Check out The 8 Most Fun Online Games for Kids in 2022:

Best Online Dancing Game for Kids: Just Dance 2019

If you have never heard of Ubisoft before, they are experts in all types of games and especially multiplayer games that bring another dimension to gaming.

Generally referred to as World Dance Floor, Just Dance's online mode is designed for players from around the world to be able to dance to the same song at the same time. How cool is that?

Just note, there are no verbal or visual communications between players, but, you do have the opportunity to see the top dancers’ scores update in real-time. 

Not only is this fun to see, it also turns on that competitive streak you didn’t know existed ;)

Check out Just Dance here

Best Online Game for Creative Kids: Minecraft

There aren’t many kids that haven’t heard of Minecraft or played it - it’s probably been the most popular game for young players in the last couple of years. 

The fact that some kids get just as much excitement watching others play on platforms like Twitch or Mixer speaks volumes. 

The reason this game is so good is down to the fact that it’s popular among children of all ages but also adults (teachers) due to its capacity for teaching problem solving and construction.

Please Note: Where possible, we would recommend creating an Xbox Live account for your child and manage it yourself as this account is a Microsoft account. If you don’t, they will have the ability to purchase apps and games on Windows 10 devices and Xbox consoles.

Check out Minecraft here

Best Online Kids Game for Star Wars Fans: Star Wars Battlefront II

I suppose it goes without saying that this game will be very  popular with our Star Wars fans. The great thing is, it uses characters and locations that are shown in 3 of the Star Wars movies and cartoons.

I really must say, the graphics are amazing and the sound will transport them into this world of make-believe as if they are actually in the middle of the battle.

Check it out here

10 Best Kids-Friendly Online Shooter: Splatoon 2

This is a game that certainly requires parental supervision (that is  if you want your kids to play this game?). For kids that are too young to play games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, Splatoon 2 might be the game for them.

The characters are a little different from the games that I have just mentioned as they take on the appearance of Inklings, child-like characters who can transform into colorful squids and back again. The game is designed to be played online with up to 8 players.

The main aim of the game is to cover as much field in your team’s colour as possible by spraying paint onto your opponent and also on the floors and walls.

Check it out here

Most-Popular Online Game for Kids: Fortnite

Hot on the heels of Minecraft, Fortnite has got to be one of the most popular games this year. The cool thing is, it’s a game that is equally popular among adults as well as kids.

Check it out here

Best Online Platformer for Kids: Terraria

This has got to be at the top of the list for weirdest games - it’s a kind of a cross between Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. 

Players navigate on 2D levels and fight different monsters on each level. It really does have the look and feel of the traditional games we all used to play, however, each player has the ability to craft materials they find and create constructs within the world.

[BONUS] Best Online Sports Game for Kids: Rocket League

Again, another weird mix, we have football and racing. Now, if you were skeptical about how this works, don’t be. They really have pulled this off to great effect.

In this game, players drive around on a football field in order to smash the giant ball into the goal just as in a traditional football game. It really is an interesting concept.

Like all the games listed, the game can be played online with a maximum of 8 players. There are also a ton of different customisation options to choose from. 

Your kids can even personalise their cars and make them their own. Another great feature is the ability to voice chat via the console's family settings.

Check it out here

In Summary

So, there you have it:. A range of 7 different and fun online games your kids can play that can also be played with their friends or family around the world.

At RiiRoo, we encourage a lot of educational play and mostly write from that perspective. The problem is, your kids don’t want to be educating themselves in everything they do. Even though educational games are fun, they’re obviously not as fun as the games listed above.

If your kids have played one of these games or you have some to add to this list, I’d love to hear from you.

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