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child looking at a technological toy

Dear Grandparents, have your grand kids been seduced by technology?

Careful, there's a new danger lurking under our children's noses and if you're not careful, it can lead to anti-social behaviour, fear of outside paces and in extreme cases a career in IT. That's right we're talking about technology and unless you act fast it may already be too late.

In our day we only had to contend with a bit of Lego and the occasional cartoon, but kids these days have far more to worry about. Tablets, smart-phones, and even the innocent-looking Nintendo 2DS/3DS are turning our kids into SMOMBIES. (Smart-phone/Zombies)

Know the signs!!!

Does your Niece/Nephew (Grand)son/Daughter have a sort of square black plastic plate about half an inch thick and the size of a large envelope glued to their face?

Do they then fail to respond to questions, emergencies and well basically anything?

Are they prone to answer with statements like Hmm? or Eh? when they do decide to reply?

Are they weirdly dexterous with their thumbs and seemingly capable of typing two thousand words a second without ever looking up?

When replying in text are their messages rife with odd acronyms and abbreviations? Like LOL. AFAIK, TTFN and BRB?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then there is a good chance the child has become a SMOMBIE, but fear not help is at hand. 

What to do!

Don't fret, fear will get you nowhere. Action is the only thing that will save them now. Kids are easily sucked in by the bright lights, easy thrills and pretty pictures produced by these shameless contraptions, but there is one thing kids can't resist!


Adventure is the answer. It doesn't matter how many Angry Birds they have left, how many episodes of Adventure Time until the end of the season and it doesn't even matter what Pewdie Pie is doing on YouTube (sadly no, we're not talking about the cartoon... and this one makes even less sense...) Anyway... none of that matters when there is an adventure to be had...

The lure of the outdoors is strong even in the youngest of Padi-wans (ask your kids), but if you need to strengthen the spell... we have just the thing. (Full Disclosure: we sell electric ride-on toys like go-carts, electric scooters, hover-boards and the like, but before you go rushing off to have a look...)

We know how to combat the rise of the SMOMBIE! It's one of the reasons we started our company and if you need some ideas on how to get your kids outside and off their tablets. We've got some great activity ideas like scavenger hunts and other outdoor games that can be played with or without our products... See here for links.

On a serious note...

Kids are easily led and the internet is full of influencers trying to pull them this way and that. While we joke about SMOMBIES and the like, it's very important to make sure that any time they do spend on these devices is properly monitored.

We still think they are better off outdoors, playing games, building dens and making friends that will last a lifetime.

So there you go, kids and technology. It's the best thing that has happened to humanity but it could be the worst if we don't educate and control its use. If you do need some help getting your sprogs out the door, however, have a quick browse at what we offer.

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