You won't find this car in many of the retailers that you see online. In fact, we'd say if you are after a licensed Bugatti, 12 volt battery electric Ride On Car, RiiRoo is your best bet.

It's suitable for children of up to five years of age or up to 110 centimetres in height.

Let's take a look at some of the standard features. Functioning lights, start-up engine sounds, integrated multimedia console, 2.4 gigahertz parental remote control, opening doors, official brand stickers and badges, a functioning horn, and a safety belt.

Bugatti Divo 12v Battery Electric Kids Ride On Car With Remote Control

Let's take a look at the premium features. The spray-painted finish is like no other car on the market. Soft EVA tyres make the ride more comfortable for your child whilst giving the car more grip. It has a comfortable padded leather style seat.

The separate light switch allows the lights to be switched on or off at will. The all-wheel suspension maintains ride comfort on uneven surfaces. The low/high-speed settings are great for those who aren't confident in their new ride.

The media pair is USB, AUX, and SD compatible, meaning that your child can play their own tunes too.

If you would like to buy one of these great cars, then go to our website at where we offer free one-day delivery, if you live in the UK, and if you order before 1:00 PM. And don't forget, we also give our customers the option to purchase our key-shaped USB sticks and our dust and rain covers.

Ride-On Car Battery Maintenance

One of the most common issues our customers face at RiiRoo is “The Car Won't Turn On” In most cases, the issue is very simple to resolve as we will demonstrate in this video.

Due to laws in the UK, unfortunately, we are not permitted to ship our ride-on toys with the battery terminals connected therefore, when you receive your car you must connect the battery yourself. In the video above we are going to show you the most common reasons why your Bugatti Divo may not work.

Assembly & Instructions

At RiiRoo, we do our best to provide as much help and guidance as possible before, during and after you have purchased from us.

For that reason, we decided to produce assembly videos for as many of our ride on cars as possible. That way, there's a helping hand for you when you need it.

How To Pair Your Ride On Car Parental Remote Control

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Our Bugatti Divo Ride On Car also comes in different colours, like, painted grey, painted blue, painted black.

See our latest reviews to see what other customers have said - Click Here.

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