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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Ride on Car For Your Toddler

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Of course, there are many toys you can purchase for your child, from basic board games to sophisticated high-value gaming machines like a PS4 or Nintendo. However, have you ever considered purchasing an electric ride-on car?

I only mention this because they are without a shadow of a doubt the most popular toys for kids these days and are guaranteed to deliver the maximum amount of fun. 

It has always been a struggle to get kids outside, away from screens and into some fresh air. so many of the activities we do with them involve them being inside for hours at a time.

We all know this isn't good and providing toys they can use outside might just be the answer.

The great thing about ride-on toys is, you don't need a lot of outdoor space in order for them to zip around and have a ton of fun.

Here are a few more reasons why you might consider purchasing a ride-on car. 

Helps Develop Their Motor Skills

We generally take it for granted when our kids start to use their hands and feet naturally moving in perfect coordination. However, just like learning to walk, these motor skills need to develop properly so our kids can perform the simple important tasks like getting out of bed or even going downstairs for breakfast. 

By developing their motor skills properly they are able to seek more independence freeing you from doing everything for them.

So where do ride on cars come into this?

By introducing your kids to ride on cars early they will need to hone their hand-eye coordination quickly so that they can steer the car and operate the many controls they have.

A little like a video game, but far more interactive since they have the ability to feel and touch the car they are operating.

Encourages Them To Play Outside

This could have been the first section of the article since it is actually the main mission of RiiRoo. Getting kids active, off screens and playing outside

Far too much time is spent indoors sitting in front of some sort of screen. The idea is to get them outside as much as possible (like we used to be when we were younger). 

With so many distractions in our homes like computers, game consoles, and tablets, it’s sometimes difficult to prise our kids away.

That’s why encouraging them to play outside as much as possible is key.

Not only is it good for their health (lots of fresh air and exercise) it also helps with their overall physical and mental development.

Now they don’t necessarily need to play with an electric ride on car, they could also play with a scooter, go-cart or even push along toys.

Gives Them A Sense Of Autonomy

We talked about improving their motor skills earlier. Improving their sense of autonomy is equally important.

Of course, toddlers are pretty dependent on their parents before they can walk.

However, as soon as they can walk they are ready to go exploring and find out about the world around them.

By playing with a ride on car, they can certainly go exploring alright.

They will learn hand-eye coordination, how to deal with obstacles in their immediate space or further away, what they did yesterday and how they managed to overcome it. 

This encourages them to be both proactive and independent.

Once they regularly achieve a bit of success they will be encouraged to explore even more and also feel a sense of accomplishment.

They Can Play In Complete Safety

The vast majority of ride-on cars sold today are safe. The safety features that they now offer are parental remote control units. These come with most of the ride-on cars. 

They allow you to override the controls of the car whenever you like or even control the car if your kid can’t.

This is a pretty good feature for kids too young to control the car themselves.

This way, they will get the joy and pleasure from their car for a few years.

Most ride-on cars come with safety seat belts or harnesses. This means when your kid is tearing around the neighborhood there’s no fear of them falling out.

They are safe at all times. 

The cars are made of tough durable plastic, this means they are free to bump into things without causing much damage or suffering any harm.

At least this way you can feel confident if you need to do other things while they have a play.

They Fuel Your Kid’s Imagination

We all want our kids to use their imagination, don’t we?

Well, there’s no better toy than a ride on car.

The fact that they look so lifelike helps.

Also, they are generally based on real cars and not some generic made-up brand. 

In most cases, parents choose to purchase the ride on car that best matches their own.

So what car brands are available?

Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, BMW, FordLamborghiniRange Rover, Mercedes. Also, you may even consider purchasing a ride on motorbike as an alternative?

To really get them into the spirit of things we also have ride on fire engines, police cars, digger trucks, and lorries.

In Summary

So there you have it. 5 reasons why your kid's next toy should be a ride on car.

Not only are they educational, good for hand-eye coordination and able to fuel their imagination.

They are also a ton of fun!

If you need any advice or need your questions answered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at RiiRoo.

We’re here to help.

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