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5 Big Time Savers For Parents

5 Big Time Savers For Parents

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At the moment we all seem to have too much work left for the time left in the day, especially when we work full time.

You’re probably wondering when the stress levels will ever decrease? This is particularly hard at the moment while we’re on multiple lockdowns. 

This may come across as a little sexist, but, the workload seems particularly more for women. 

Wake Up An Hour Before Your Kids

This is necessarily to get work done. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a bit of “you” time. Whether you want to meditate, chill and have a morning coffee, or simply just plan the day. Getting up earlier than the kids will give you so much free time. 

Of course, this is going to be particularly hard for those that love their sleep. But, it might mean just changing routine and going to bed earlier.

This idea won’t work for everyone, but, if you’re in a position to give this a try, we would highly recommend it. 

There are so many other things you could do during the time. It can either be spare time to relax or tasks you need to do, but always struggle to find the time.

Now, this point might seem really obvious at first, but you’ll be surprised at just how much time you have before the kids are awake. For some this is stupid basic and others and complete revelation. 

Give it a try and see how effective it could be for you.

Make A List and Stick To It

This might be too regimental for some people, but in order to get more time back in your life, it’s so important to be organised.

By listing what needs to be accomplished in the day and then dividing work tasks from your personal tasks. It allows you to focus on each task in order of importance. 

By completing the most important tasks first, it means you are able to put off other tasks till the next day. This is a brilliant way to save time during your day.

By getting the most important tasks out of the way first, it means you are able to free up more time later in the day. Whether you have meetings, calls, projects or simply picking something up for dinner after work.

A lot of parents are doing a bit of homeschooling at the moment. So, this is perfect if you need to make time to spend with your kids for either work or play.

Grocery Shop Once a Week

By only carrying out your grocery shop once a week, means you can save yourself countless journeys and time going back and forth from the supermarket. 

Even better if you can order the bulk of your groceries via online shopping or even click and collect.

Imagine how much time you waste by visiting the supermarket multiple times during the week. 

Oftentimes you’re only going in for a few bits of groceries and then leave with a trolley full. Not only will you be saving time, but, you’ll also have money too. 

Studies have shown that you generally spend more making several trips rather than just one. In essence, you’re not impulse buying those special offers and knock down deals.

Give Your Kids Chores

This idea is based on both discipline and your kids giving you a helping hand. By giving your kids small tasks to do around the home, frees you up to get on with something else. 

Whether it’s putting the bin out at night, clearing the cat tray, taking the dog out for a walk, or clearing the dishwasher.

Any of these tasks that can be taken off your hands is a bonus. 

So why is this a good idea? Not only do they learn to help and pitch in by helping with household chores

They learn to appreciate just what needs to be done around the house. It teaches them all about responsibility and also teamwork. Skills they can use at school or even later on in life.

In addition to this, you also have the ability (if you can afford it) to hire a cleaner to take care of those housework chores that need to be done. 

I don’t know how long it takes you to clean the house, but if it’s more than an hour and you can afford a cleaner, then the return in time might just be worth it?

Of course, everyone’s circumstances are different, some may think this is a brilliant idea and others may think it’s terrible. At least it’s there as an option for you. 

Have A Network of Good Friends

Now, I understand that this is easier said than done. However, if you do have friends that are able to take your kids to school sometimes or even babysit. This is the perfect way to save time.

Depending on where you live and again, if you have the budget, then you may consider a service like Uber to take your kids to school and back. 

This probably sounds quite extreme, but in today’s gig economy this isn’t that out of the ordinary anymore. It all depends if you have an Uber type service in your area.

In Summary

Some of these points are pretty straightforward to implement and others may seem a bit wacky. I suppose you only need to use one of them to save quite a bit of time over the course of a month.

Whichever one you’re willing to choose, it’s important to take time out for yourself, not just to get things done, but to have some relaxation time for yourself. Something that so few parents are able to do these days.

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