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What To Write In A Birthday Invitation

When it comes to organising a child's birthday party, creating an invitation is a lot of fun and also a great way to let people know about it.

With children's birthday invites, all the essential information about the event is readily available, making planning both simple and straightforward for you and your visitors.

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What To Include In Your Birthday Invitation

Your child’s name and age

You should use the name and age of your child as a design element to make their birthday party invitation stand out.

Because this is such an important day for your child, the emphasis should be on how you place and display their name and age on the invitation card.

The time and location of the party

Be specific about the time and location of the birthday party to avoid any confusion.

If the party is going to be at a venue such as a play centre or bowling alley, include the address and contact details so that people can find it easily.

Birthday party RSVP details

Include an RSVP date on the invitation so that your guests can let you know whether or not they are able to attend.

This will help you to get a better idea of numbers for catering and activity purposes.

The RSVP process can be made even easier by providing a contact email or phone number on the invitation.

An RSVP deadline of two weeks before the party date is usually sufficient.

A message or request from the birthday child

As this is your child’s special day, they may want to include a personal message on the invite to their friends.

This could be something as simple as “I hope you can come to my party” or “I’m really looking forward to seeing you”.

The birthday party theme

If your child has a specific birthday party theme in mind, make sure to include this on the invitation.

This will give guests an idea of what to expect on the day and also get them excited about the party.

For example, if you're having a Disney Princess or superhero-themed birthday party, you could use imagery, colours and wording from the films on the invite.

Communicate with design

No matter what kind of birthday party you are throwing, the invitation is an important way to set the tone and communicate all the essential information about the event.

By using creative and thoughtful design, you can make sure your birthday party invitation stands out and gets people excited about celebrating your child’s special day.

Include the small details

If your child has any specific requests or allergies, make sure to include this information on the invitation so that guests can be prepared.

For example, if your son is asking for donations to a charity instead of gifts, you could include this request on the invite.

If your daughter is allergic to nuts, you could put “Please do not bring any food containing nuts” at the bottom of the card.

Use birthday party templates

There are a number of birthday party invitation templates available online which can be easily customised to reflect your child’s personality and the overall theme of the event.

Using a template is a great way to save time when you are creating invitations, as all you need to do is add your own details and images.

There are a number of sites that offer free birthday party invitation templates, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

Call out the kids party dress code

If you want your guests to dress up in a certain way, make sure to include this on the invite.

For example, if your child is having a pirate party, you could ask guests to come dressed as pirates.

Again, if you've decided on a princess party, you could request that guests wear their best princess dresses.

Including a dress code on the invitation will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect on the day and it helps parents make sure costumes are ready.

Let guests know where to park

If you are having the party at your house and there is limited parking, make sure to include this information on the invitation.

You could put “Please park on the street” or “Parking is available in the driveway and on the street”.

This will help guests to know where they can and cannot park their cars.

Including specific instructions like this on the invitation will help to avoid any confusion or frustration on the day of the party.

Other Tips & Tricks For Kids' Birthday Party Success

Here are some other tips and tricks to help make your child’s birthday party a success:

  • Make sure to send out the invitations well in advance so that guests have plenty of time to RSVP.
  • If you are having the party at your house, make sure to prep as much as you can before the guests arrive. Prepare any food or drinks that you will be serving ahead of time so that you can enjoy the party without having to worry about cooking.
  • Have a few activities planned so that the kids are entertained throughout the party.
  • Make sure to have plenty of birthday cake and candles on hand for when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday”.
  • Don’t forget to take lots of photos so that you can capture all the special moments.
  • Goodie bags are always a hit with kids, so make sure to prepare these in advance. fill them with small toys, candy, and other treats. If you are having a themed party, you could include items that relate to the theme in the goodie bags. For example, if you are having a pirate party, you could put fake mustaches and eye patches in the goodie bags.

Wrapping Up:

Hosting a kids' birthday party can be a lot of work, but with careful planning and organisation it can be a lot of fun for both the kids and parents.

By using some of the tips we’ve shared in this article, you should be able to throw an epic birthday bash that your child will never forget.

What are your favorite tips for writing invitations for kids' birthdays? Let us know in the comments below.

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