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Tips and Tricks For Working From Home With Your Toddler

Tips and Tricks For Working From Home With Your Toddler

Working from home with your toddler is not an easy task.

It can sometimes feel like you’re playing a game of Jenga on the edge of a cliff. Tips and Tricks For Working From Home With Your Toddler

One wrong move and everything will come tumbling down, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are some tips, tricks and activities that are actually doable if you're working from home with your toddler:

1. What is the best way to work from home with a toddler?

The best way to work from home with a toddler is to create a designated work space for yourself that is separate from where your child is playing.

This can be difficult if you are limited on space, but it is important that you make sure to set boundaries for your child and stick to them.

If they are constantly coming up to you and interrupting your work, it will be difficult to get anything done.

It is also helpful to have some scheduled breaks throughout the day where you can spend time with your child.

This will help them feel like they are still getting attention from you even though you are working.

2. How can you create a space in your house that is both comfortable and conducive for working ?

You should make sure to have a work space that is comfortable and conducive for working - it should be somewhere where your child can't disturb you directly, but also somewhere where both of you are still able to spend time together.

Also, if this is the first time you've worked from home with your child, it might be helpful to take it slow at first before attempting to do too much all at once.

3. Tips for time management when it comes to balancing family, work, and anything else going on in life

It is important to remember that your child's needs should always come first.

If you find yourself struggling to balance work with everything else going on in life, try setting specific hours during the day where you will be working and stick to them as much as possible.

This will help create a more structured routine for both you and your child and make it easier for you to manage your time.

4. Activities to keep children entertained

A great way to keep your child entertained when you are working from home is by providing them with some activities that they can do on their own.  

This will allow them the opportunity to play by themselves without you having to be involved every minute of the day.

Examples of activities include colouring books, puzzles, reading books, painting, crafts and building blocks.

While you may think that these activities are only good for when children are in pre-school or elementary school - don't be fooled.

These activities are actually beneficial for toddlers because it gives them the opportunity to explore different things while also teaching them valuable skills.

If you want to keep your child entertained whilst still teaching them valuable skills, try putting together a basket or bin that contains activities that will help them learn different things.

You can include items such as flash cards with pictures of different colors and shapes on it, a puzzle, counting books, colouring books and crayons.

5. How to calm them down when they're upset without having to leave your work area

If your child is upset and you are unable to leave your work area, there are a few ways that you can try calming them down.

One option is to hold them and give them a hug while soothingly rubbing their back.

You could also try singing them a song or reading them a book. If all else fails, have a few items nearby that they can chew on such as a teething ring or silicone necklace.

6. Things that will help you keep your cool if your little one has a meltdown when you're trying to work (it happens!)

If you find that your child has a meltdown when you're trying to work, try talking to them calmly but firmly.

Once they have calmed down, give them the opportunity to play with you and show them that it is still possible for both of you to enjoy yourselves.

7. Ways to keep yourself motivated

It is important to set some personal goals for yourself so that you stay motivated and on track with work.

Make sure these goals aren't unrealistic and try setting specific deadlines for each one of them.

For instance, you might decide to work on something for 3 hours every morning and 2 hours every afternoon until it's finished/you reach your goal.

8. How to take care of yourself so you can remain healthy and energized throughout the day (remember, this is for both you AND your child!)

It is important to make sure that you get enough sleep and eat healthy during the day so that you can remain energised and focused when working.

Ideally, you should aim for at least one nap during the day (if possible) and 8-9 hours of sleep each night.

When it comes to your diet, try to stick to healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats and plenty of water.

Avoid caffeinated beverages because they will only leave you feeling more tired in the long run.

9. How to avoid burnout even though this might seem impossible at times (trust me, it's not!)

It is important to take some time for yourself and do something that you enjoy.  

If possible, try to set aside at least an hour each day where you can focus on doing something just for you.

10. The importance of taking breaks throughout the day

Although it might seem counterproductive, it is actually very important to take breaks throughout the day.

This will help ensure that you remain focused and energised when working.

If possible, try to take a break every 2-3 hours so that you can get up and move around a bit.

11. Productivity hacks for working from home with a toddler in tow

Finally, we would like to share some tips and tricks on how to stay productive while working from home:

  • Keep all of your important documents in one place.


  • If you need to access your child's latest report card or medical records, make sure that you have them all stored together in an easy-to-find location.  This will help ensure that you're not wasting time looking for important information when it is needed. Keep some snacks on hand.


  • A lot of times, hunger can be a distraction that causes us to lose our focus and concentration.  Keep some healthy snacks on hand so that your stomach isn't rumbling while trying to work. Make sure your technology is fully charged.


  • It sucks when the battery on your laptop dies unexpectedly.  Make sure it's always fully charged so that you aren't stuck waiting around for it to recharge! Work with your child's nap schedule.


  • If your child tends to take a nap during the day, try to work around their nap schedule as much as possible.  This will help ensure that they don't get too cranky and that you're still able to get some work done. Have a designated work area.


  • If at all possible, try to set up a designated work area in your home.  This can be a desk in a corner of the living room or even an unused bedroom. This will help train your brain to focus on work when you're in that specific space. Use a planner, this can be either a physical or digital one - whichever works best for you.


  • Write down everything - from deadlines to appointments to to-do lists - so that you can stay on top of everything.

Wrapping Up

We hope that these tips have been helpful and that you are now feeling a bit more prepared to work from home with your toddler.

Remember to take breaks and to focus on enjoying time spent with your child - they grow up too fast!

We would love to hear any tips that have worked well for you, so please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

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