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The Battle of Britain at RiiRoo

The Battle of Britain at RiiRoo (VISIT OUR ON-SITE SHOWROOM)

If you're looking for a new way to let your little one's imagination run wild, then look no further than RiiRoo.

We can't re-create the Battle of Britain, but we can give your child the next best thing. Some cool jeeps and tanks for them to play with, all in their own backyard.

Our massive on-site showroom is packed full of kids ride on cars and tanks of all shapes and sizes. Let them take the wheel and feel the power of being in control.

We know that parents want their children to have the best possible childhood, and that includes giving them memories they'll never forget.

Our Showroom

Address: 5 Godwin Rd, Corby NN17 4DS

Hours: Open - Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm

Also, open some Saturdays (upon appointment)

Phone: 01536 682268

Why Remember The Battle?

The Battle of Britain at RiiRoo

The Battle of Britain was a pivotal moment in British history. It was the first time that Britain had fought back against a Nazi invasion, and it inspired a whole generation to stand up and fight for their country.

The problem these days, we don't celebrate our victories enough. We need to remember the past, so we can learn from it and move forward into the future.

RiiRoo is here to help you do just that. With our range of kids ride on cars, we can help your children understand and appreciate the importance of The Battle of Britain, while also having a whole lot of fun.

Not only will they have a great time playing with their new cars, but they'll also learn about one of the most important moments in British history.

How Were British Tanks Used?

The Battle of Britain at RiiRoo

The British used tanks in a number of different ways during The Battle of Britain. One of the most famous is the Churchill tank, which was named after the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The Churchill tank was designed to support the infantry in battle, and it did this by using its thick armour to protect the soldiers from enemy fire.

The British also used tanks to break through the enemy lines, and this was often done by using flamethrowers to destroy bunkers and other strong points.

In addition to this, the British also used tanks as mobile gun platforms, and this allowed them to provide heavy fire support for the infantry.

How Did The British Win The Battle Of Britain?

The British won the Battle of Britain because they had better pilots, better planes and better tactics.

The British pilots were some of the best in the world, and they had a lot of experience fighting in the skies. The British also had newer and more advanced planes than the Germans, which gave them an advantage.

Of course, the tanks also played their part ;)

RiiRoo is proud to be able to offer children the chance to relive this momentous event in our own. That's why we offer brand new kids ride on tanks and jeeps - so they can experience adventure first-hand.

Not only do we have ride o tanks and jeeps, but we also stock all of the major car brands. So, if your little one fancies themselves as a bit of a speed demon, they can race around in a BMW or Mercedes Benz.

We have something for everyone at RiiRoo, so come and pay us a visit today.

Your children will thank you for it!

Our Showroom

Address: 5 Godwin Rd, Corby NN17 4DS

Hours: Open - Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm

Also, open some Saturdays (upon appointment)

Phone: 01536 682268


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