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RiiRoo's Top 5 Push Along Ride Ons For Christmas

RiiRoo's Top 5 Push Along Ride Ons For Christmas

If you're looking for that perfect present for your child, look no further than one of the push along ride-on toys.

These one-of-a-kind presents provide hours of entertainment for youngsters while also teaching them important lessons in empathy and responsibility. Fortunately, there are numerous various push alongs to choose from, so you can pick the most suitable present based on your budget and requirements:

Why Are Kid's Push Alongs So Special

Before your child makes the leap to a full blown battery electric ride on, a good quality push-along will introduce them to the thrills of being able to zoom around under their own steam.

But these interactive toys do more than just provide hours of entertainment.

In addition, they also offer a different kind of play experience, teaching your child important lessons in empathy and responsibility by enabling them to be in control without you constantly looking out for potential dangers.

This makes them perfect for your little one's first foray into the world of ride-on toys.

Classic 6V Ride Along

We can assure you that you haven't seen many of these delightful "Classic 6V Car Ride-on Auto" on your travels. It's a recent addition to the RiiRoo line of ride-on vehicles.

We challenge you and your child not to fall in love with our tiny beauty, which we have dubbed "The Cutest RiiRoo Ride on."

The majority of these ride-ons appear to be rather conventional. Our newest Classic 6V, on the other hand, has all of the design and lines that you would expect from an early 19th-century classic.

Classic Push Along Ride On

We assure you that on your travels, you haven't seen many of these adorable Push Along Classic 2021's before. It's a new addition to the RiiRoo car collection because it has a classic appearance and is new to our range.

The majority of these ride-ons have a similar design. Our new Push Along Classic 2021, on the other hand, has all of the style and lines that you'd expect from an early 19th-century classic.

When they're seen riding around the neighborhood in this, they'll be the centre of attention. They'll undoubtedly be the only toddler on their block with one! That's how unique and new it is!

Fiat 500 Push Along

Check out our Licensed Fiat 500 Push Along ride on for a fantastic time! It not only looks wonderful, but it's also fun to use! Your child will have no trouble pushing anywhere they choose thanks to its lightweight.

If your child isn't yet ready to ride and control a full-scale battery electric vehicle, this little push-along is ideal.

Kids Mercedes G63 AMG Push Along Ride On Car

Check out our latest Kids Mercedes G63 AMG Push Along Ride On Car with Storage Box and Media Centre.

This is ideal for kids who aren't yet ready for a completely electric ride on car, but want to experience the thrill of zipping around in the real thing. No doubt, they'll have hours of fun together while listening to their own media centre with music they choose.

Jeep Rubicon Electric & Push Along Car - Licensed

Our customers have been requesting a push-along version of the bigger Jeep Rubicon model we stock and we are happy to oblige! This is a nifty little push along with a leather seat and looks to have their imaginations running for days! Get them their very own Jeep Rubicon Push Along Ride on Car with free personalised number plates to boot!

Make the gift extra special

Want to make the gift extra special? We offer a personalised number plate with every single ride-on we sell. On top of that, you can also purchase an additional presentation gift bow, kid's driving licence set, rain/dust cover, and helmets.

That’s not all! We can fully build your kids’ new bike or quad bike for you since we have an in-house assembly service, so it’s ready to ride. This will be delivered straight to your home for an additional charge.

Note: After you have chosen to personalise your number plate and clicked "Add To Cart" you will have the option to buy these extras.

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