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Fun and Festive Ways to Countdown 'till Christmas

Fun and Festive Ways to Countdown 'till Christmas

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays in the world. It's a time for family, friends, and festive cheer!

With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to get excited with these fun ways to countdown 'till Christmas:

Fun and Festive Ways to Countdown 'till Christmas

1: Baking with the kids

Let your child/children get stuck in by assisting you in making yummy baked Christmas treats to celebrate in December!

There are lots of recipes available online to suit all tastes - maybe try something new, too - take a look at these traditional festive bakes from around the globe.

2: Play games by candlelight

Turn off all lights in your home and play hide-and-seek, catch, or other games by candlelight.

Let your child choose a prize to keep their focus and celebrate the holidays! 

3: Make Christmas decorations with the kids

Using natural elements like pinecones, leafs, cotton balls, acorns, or even fruit leathers (cut into hearts), get creative with your child to make festive decorations they'll love!

4: String popcorn together to hang on the tree or mantle

Make this activity a family effort by working together to create something beautiful to welcome guests into your home during the holidays.

5: Listen to holiday music, podcasts, or stories together

Take turns reading classic Christmas books like 'The Night Before Christmas' with family members, call friends to wish them a happy holiday, or sing along with festive tunes online.

Make this the year you make new memories!

6: Get your child involved with gift wrapping

It's important to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them, and the best way is by giving gifts!

Have your kids help find pretty paper or cloth wrap to make their presents look special on Christmas morning!

If your household does not celebrate Christmas, you can still use these festive decorations for birthdays or any other occasion where gift giving would come in handy.

7: Take family photos in front of the tree

Capture the season by taking a super cute holiday photo. Use Photoshop after to add lights and holiday magic!

Make sure everyone is smiling and having fun because these will be treasured memories!

8: Tell Christmas stories together

Get cozy in bed or around the fire and tell stories about your favorite tradition, like trimming the tree or breakfast on Christmas morning.

Read out loud in different voices for added fun! You could also try this same idea with Halloween or Thanksgiving traditions if you don't celebrate Christmas.

9: Empty stockings just before they're full

Have each person in your family fill their own stocking before it's passed along to another member. Or, switch it up by picking three names, one for each stocking!

10: Play charades with the kids

Make sure you have a great list of Christmas themed words before playing this game, or just use appropriate words associated with the holiday season.

See who can act out their word first!

If your family does not celebrate Christmas, substitute similar themed holidays to make this game appropriate for anyone.

11: Go on an "Elf" chase

While it's not something that our parents or grandparents would have done, if you want to keep up with the times, set out your Elf on the Shelf before bedtime so Santa knows who has been naughty and who has been nice.

Make sure your elf leaves clues for children where they need to search next!

12: Watch holiday movies together

We all have our favorites that are quintessential to our childhoods. Share these cherished moments with your child so they learn about what the holidays are supposed to be like.

These memories will become treasured gifts in the future as well!

Watch holiday movies together

13: Take it outside

Make sure to bundle up before stepping outside! Pick something fun to look for on your stroll - candy canes, holly berries, or if you live in the country, even some Rudolph noses might be hiding out there.

14: Visit Santa together

Seeing Santa/Father Christmas in December is a rite of passage for lots of children.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to visit the North Pole but we're sure if you take your child/children for a wander around your local area, you'll be able to spot on his travels!

15: Make silly snowmen

If you have snow outside, have everyone bundle up before going out to create snowmen with funny looking features or clothes!

Then you can bring them all inside for hot chocolate.

No snow for Christmas?

Have a go at building snowmen out of paper or even cotton balls to keep the holiday spirit alive... No-melt guaranteed!

16: Have an ornament-decorating party

Who doesn't love hanging up the stockings and placing the perfect decoration on top of the tree?

Make it fun and inviting by having an ornament decorating party with your child!

Let them pick out their favorite ornaments and then once they're all hung up, let everyone take turns telling about their history.

17: Put out cookies and milk for Santa

This is a fun little tradition that kids will love - make sure you leave out enough for Santa, but place the cookies on top of some wax paper or aluminum foil first to avoid staining your carpet!

18: Sing Christmas carols together

A classic holiday activity- gather around the piano or grab an instrument if you have one so everyone can join in!

19: Give back by collecting food/household items for needy families (or any local charity)

The holidays are the perfect time of year to give back to others less fortunate than ourselves. 

Kids will love to get involved and it will be an experience they will hopefully carry with them to pass onto their own children one day.

20: Decorate a wreath with your family

Pick up a premade wreath, or create your own wreath from scratch!

Pick a theme and decorate accordingly - this is a great opportunity to teach about the symbols of Christmas.

You might just have started a new family tradition!

21: Go caroling together

Take it to the streets... by singing carols throughout your neighbourhood.

Play games to see who can sing loudest or most on key!

If it's too cold outside, bring the party indoors and make hot cocoa.

22: Build a gingerbread house

Younger children can simply help with the frosting while older kids can measure, bake, and create the structure of their homes. The finished product is delicious!

23: Decorate a garland

Find pretty paper garlands online or make your own simple ones at home by cutting strips of paper and gluing them directly onto pinecones, leafs, or other natural materials.

24: Write memories in a journal

Make it fun by giving each person their own blank book to write down all their favorite Christmas memories from this year! This is especially fun if you're doing this just before the holidays begin.

25: Make your own wrapping paper

A great way of occupying younger children who don't know how to follow patterns or draw yet is by getting them to make their own wrapping paper - it doesn't have to be perfect, let them get creative!

Bring out the brown wrapping paper and let them loose with crayons, glitter, stickers, etc. for a unique take on festive fun

Wrapping Up

With so many ways to celebrate the holiday season, it can be tough to know where to start.

This article is your ultimate guide for fun and festive Christmas activities that will keep you and your family entertained until Santa comes! 

It includes everything from making silly snowmen with all of your friends outside in the cold winter air or decorating a wreath together as a new tradition. 

There are also plenty of ideas for creating memories with loved ones like singing carols around the piano or writing down cherished moments in an old journal. 

Whatever activity you choose, there's no doubt about it: these wholesome traditions will make this time of year one that lasts forever (or at least through next December).

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