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7 Field Trips That are Perfect for Preschoolers

7 Field Trips That are Perfect for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are eager to learn about their world. By taking them on field trips, you can encourage your child's natural curiosity while teaching important concepts and skills.

A field trip doesn't have to be expensive - most cities have free or low-cost activities for families with little ones. 7 Field Trips That are Perfect for Preschoolers

You'll also find that many museums provide discounted admission rates for children under a certain age.

When choosing a destination, keep in mind what preschoolers love to do; even if they won't remember all the details of the trip years from now, your child will definitely enjoy these simple pleasures on any outing:

1. Pizza Parlour/Kitchen

Most preschoolers love to cook, but there's no need for them to feel like they're in the big leagues with an expensive kitchen play-set.

Instead, pick up a boxed pizza kit from your local supermarket and have some fun whipping up an easy meal.

Your child can help you shape dough, spread sauce, sprinkle cheese and even put toppings on! When it's time to eat, pull out real plates and napkins so they feel like they're at their favorite restaurant.

Many pizza chains offer educational tours of their kitchens and are a great chance to get your child excited about cooking, while also teaching your preschooler about safety in the kitchen.

2. Veterinary Clinic

This provides a wonderful opportunity to let your preschooler explore the animal kingdom without ever having to leave town.

Head to your local pet store and pick up a plush animal of their favorite species; be it dog, cat, elephant, or even dinosaur!

Then set up an in-store play area where your child can spend some time stroking the soft fur of their new friend.

For extra learning fun, find out if the store offers children's activities such as feeding times or grooming presentations.

Most places will also have supervised areas where kids can socialise with each other while they learn how to properly handle and care for animals.

Be sure to leave plenty of time for shopping - watching all that furry cuteness will certainly have preschoolers itching for a trip to the toy section!

3. Train Station/Airport

Most preschoolers love watching their favourite cartoon characters hopping on board the big red train, so why not give them their own miniature version to play with at home?

Head down to your local model railway store and pick up some track pieces, a train engine and some railroad crossings.

You can scale it all down so that it fits on your coffee table, or create a train-tastic wonderland by setting it up in the playroom.

For added fun, you can design an airport for all their little plastic planes to land on. Just make sure everyone is ready to disembark before you bring out the fire engines!

4. Field Trip to a Bakery

All preschoolers love to bake (even if the only thing they've ever made is a big mess in the kitchen). Wander over to your local bakery and let your child pick out their favorite treat. Then set up a "bake shop" in your home and go into business!

Your preschooler can help measure ingredients and the roll dough while you do all the cooking.

When everything's ready, sit down together and enjoy your yummy treats. If possible, talk about what you're eating: For example, ask what different flavours are in your sweet treat or how many eggs go into an apple pie.

This is also a great chance to talk about the bakery where you bought these goodies, and how they make their pastries. You might even be able to take home some extra treats if you ask nicely!

5. Library Time

Spend a day exploring the local library - it's a wonderful place to get kids excited about reading and learning.

Head over with your preschooler and let them pick a few books they'd like to check out - they might want to read on their own, or you could read together all afternoon.

When you're done with books, don't forget about an old field trip favorite: Posters! Preschoolers love looking at pictures of faraway places, animals, and objects that are new to them.

Ask an employee where the best viewing spots are in the building, then spend some time gazing at fascinating images while your child describes what he sees. You'll both learn something new on this trip!

6. Local River

Grab your wellies and rain boots and head on down to the local creek!

For preschoolers, there's nothing more exciting than wading in the water while they hunt for rocks, sticks, and other natural treasures.

Pick out a spot along the stream where you can play together whenever you go - just keep an eye out for slippery rocks or algae that could be hazardous to your little one!

You'll want to ensure that they know how to swim before you let them splash around by themselves.

7. Local mechanic

Ensure you give them a heads up beforehand so they are aware that you will be coming in with a child.

The mechanics love this because it allows them to pass a little bit of knowledge onto the next generation and perhaps spark an interest in them as well.

At the very least, they'll find it entertaining and will love showing off their knowledge to a preschooler (so long as you don't do it for them).

You can arrange a set of pre-prepared questions to be asked beforehand so it is less pressured for the child and more fun.

The main benefit of this is learning about cars, talking to lots of different people with jobs they enjoy and also how things work.

It teaches them that there are always different ways to solve a problem (such as fixing something) rather than just giving up on it because you don't know what else to do."

Wrapping Up

So there you have it - seven fun and educational field trips that won't break the bank!

Whether you're just looking for a way to spend some quality time with your preschooler, or you want an easy way to teach him about different parts of life as well as facts about his surroundings.

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