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9 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of School with your Child

9 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of School with your Child

The first day of school is such a big event in any child’s life - parents want to make it special and memorable, but they don’t always know how... There are many ways to celebrate the first day back at school with your kid!

In this article, we will discuss 9 different tips for parents to mark their child's first day of school with a lasting memory that you both will love.

1. Take them shopping for school supplies they'll need

For us, this was always the BEST part of starting a new school year and is a great way to make the first day of school more special for your child.

Take them shopping and let them pick out their own supplies - it can be fun if you take them on an adventure through all of the different sections of the store where they sell these items; getting to pick out their very own pencils, notepads and notebooks... oh, and their very first school bag! 9 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of School with your Child

It's all super-exciting and if your little one is a bit anxious about this change, it is one way of letting them regain some control of a situation that will be completely new to them.

2. Get some new clothes to wear on their first day back at school 

As most schools here in the UK wear uniforms, there is a limit to what you can get your child for their first day, however, you could get them a pair of shoes that they like or maybe a nice new pair of trousers or even a cool coat for winter.

It might seem small but this gesture will mean more than anything; after all, they're going through so much change already without having someone by their side who cares about how they feel every step of the way.

3. Help them organise their backpack or desk the evening before

The first day of school is not only exciting for the kids but also for their parents, who are likely to be super-stressed out.

If you can steal an hour or two before they go off to bed and help them organize everything in their new backpack, it's actually a great way of helping your child settle into this change better.

You'll both feel more at ease knowing that things are organised properly... It will definitely save some headaches during this transition period where little mishaps can leave children feeling lost without a parent being around to help them out.

The first day of school can be a scary time for children, so offering your support in any way possible will definitely make this new chapter easier on everyone involved!

4. Read together from any favorite book before bedtime

This is a lovely way to end the day, whether it's their first or last; reading together before they go off to sleep can be beneficial for everyone involved.

It allows you both some quality time and helps your child unwind by getting ready for bedtime - plus, if there are any children who love nothing more than picking out what book they want mum/dad to read them each night, this will make all that much easier!

We know how hard parents work during the week so why not let yourself relax just a little bit in these precious moments with your kid? It might seem like an unneeded chore but, trust us, when we say that kids actually really appreciate this gesture.

The first few days back at school can cause anxiety for both children and their parents, so why not take advantage of the time before bedtime to create lots of wonderful memories together?!

Even if they are too old to want mommy/daddy reading out loud from one of their favorite books every night... it doesn't mean that these moments won't hold meaning for them.

It might just be an unspoken way which lets them know that even though we're all growing older, there is still something about us which remains unchanged.

5. Have a family breakfast together before school starts

It would be so easy to let them run off on their own without even taking time out from our work schedule - however, if we can make this small change in our daily routine while they're still young enough that getting up early doesn't bother them too much then why shouldn't we?

It really sets us up nicely for whatever else awaits during this new chapter which comes with its own challenges but also lots of opportunities.

As long as everyone makes an effort towards moving forward together, no matter how big or small those steps might seem at first. In fact, every little help counts when it comes to making this transition easier on everyone involved.

6. Make or buy a small gift that shows how much you care about your little one starting school

In our modern world, this is a really great idea - in fact, it might even be something which helps your child feel more confident as they make their way to school.

The important thing is to take some time out for your child and remind them just how much you care about the things they're going through. It will be very special moment which can then help build up their self-esteem before tackling another day full of new lessons.

This marks a great opportunity to also have conversations with our kids so that we might learn more about what's happening during these first few days back at school - if only because there are lots of questions parents want answered but don't always know where or even when to ask! So why not use this as an excuse? After all, you really have nothing better to do than chat over breakfast right... ;)

7. Take them to school for the first time

If your child is still young enough, take them into school - It also gives us an opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time getting know our kids' friends better (and vice versa) while doing something which will always be remembered :) These special moments don't happen every day after all...

8. Take pictures of them with their teacher or classmates to document this day

This is a wonderful way of celebrating the first day back at school with your child and also helps us build positive memories that we can look back on.

It's not something which should be passed up because it might seem like more trouble than its worth... you'd only regret those precious moments if they slipped through our fingers!

9. Have a family dinner at home after their first day

This is another great way to have some one-on-one time with your child because it's just you and them at home for the night. They won't have any homework either so this means there are no distractions or excuses.

If anything, they might be too tired from their day of learning new things which makes it all the more important that we give our kids plenty of hugs for being so brave...

Wrapping up:

The first day of school is a special moment to celebrate with your child.

As your child starts school, they will be looking forward to meeting new friends and learning lots of new things.

We hope you have found these 9 ways to celebrate the first day of school with your child valuable.

These are just a few ideas, so please share any tips that we may have missed in the comments section below!

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