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two girls looking at social media apps on their phone

Safe Social Media Apps For Tweens (Help Them Be Socially Smart)

It can be really hard trying to find a safe social media app for your tween - with so many different apps to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the safest.

Here are a few of our favourites:


Edmodo is a social learning platform that aims to link and collaborate in the classroom.

It's a social media network that's not just great for teachers and pupils, but also for parents or guardians to use to communicate school-related information. two girls looking at social media apps on their phone

It's a secure network that requires registration through an educational email address, and all content is moderated by the site's team.

It's perfect for tweens as it's a closed network, meaning that only approved users can join.

It also has a range of privacy settings so you can be sure your child is only sharing information with those they want to.

Edmodo is a social networking platform for schools that allows teachers to generate access codes for students to use to collaborate on academic tasks.

This social media app for children, which mixes education with social media skills instruction, is ideal for youngsters because of its two key advantages, making it one of the finest social media apps for kids.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Price: Free

Club Penguin Island

The Club Penguin app teaches kids how to interact and communicate respectfully in a secure online community.

The Club Penguin app is as family-friendly as you would expect from a Disney application, with a virtual world where children may visit multiple "islands" filled with games and chat rooms to connect with their friends.

For example, players are encouraged to contribute the "coins" they earn in games to charity through Penguin Characters, an on-site charity.

Earning and saving coins might encourage youngsters to practice savings and planning for a goal, as well as adopting adorable colors and types of puffles.

Club Penguin is a safe social media app that's designed for kids. It's a virtual world where they can chat and play games with their friends.

Devices: iPhone, iPad 

Price: Free


Instagram allows kids to learn some basic ideas about photography while also allowing them to be creative.

The service is meant to be inherently social, so kids who use Instagram will pick up on some of the ins and outs (and perhaps ups and downs) of social media interaction.

They'll have to decide what sort of network they want to create and utilize discretion when interacting with others.

Instagram isn't a rigorous learning tool, but it allows teens to communicate through pictures as they grow their social networks.

Technically, Instagram's terms of service say that their app is only suitable for persons aged 13 and up, but no evidence of age is necessary, so this is a limitation that can be readily avoided.

This does, however, provide you with a bargaining chip if your kid is 12 or younger; you may allow them access to it as long as the account is in your name.

If you do decide to let your child use Instagram, this option is preferable since it will allow you to monitor their usage and review the people they subscribe to.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Price: Free


Kids (including those under the age of 13) may use Pikitia's Poppit to make things and connect with other users.

Kids can create and upload drawings, utilize stickers, movies, and photographs (as long as they aren't identifiable in the photos), take quizzes, play games, and more using Pikitia's Poppit.

It's been dubbed "Instagram for Children" because youngsters can have followers who will see their postings and leave comments on them.

Pikitia's Poppit is a safe social media app for kids that allows them to be creative and connect with other users.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle

Price: Free


Twitter isn't specifically designed for kids, but it can be used safely if parents are involved in their child's account and monitor what they're tweeting.

Tweens can learn how to develop a voice on social media as well as how to responsibly share information (and protect their privacy) by using Twitter.

It's also a great way for kids to stay up-to-date on current events. As long as you're engaged with your tween's Twitter account and they're aware of the

The app has moderators and restricts postings to the hours of 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., with the site also providing information about keeping children safe online, making it one of the best social media apps for kids.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Price: Free


Although Facebook isn't specifically designed for tweens, it can be a great way for them to connect with friends and family members.

The site has a number of safety features in place, including privacy settings that you can adjust to ensure your child is only sharing information with people you trust.

You can also set up alerts so you'll be notified when your child posts something new.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Price: Free

Wrapping Up:

So, there you have it - five social media apps that are safe for kids. Each of these apps has its own benefits, from teaching children about photography to helping them collaborate in the classroom.

As a parent, it's important to be aware of what your child is doing online, and these apps provide a great way to help keep your child safe while also letting them explore their creative side.

Remember, it's always important to monitor your child's usage, regardless of which app they're using. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to the app's developers or speak with a trusted adult.

Stay safe online!

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